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Daos Vs Venture Capital
Daos Vs Venture Capital

DAOs Vs Venture Capital

When raising capital, VCs have traditionally had the most success with venture capital, but what happens if a new entity called a DAO enters the room? We believe that a DAO will compete with how some firms raise funds. A DAO that seems to be reshaping how money is raised is Trilicon Digital ( a private equity DAO aiming to scale up small and medium businesses ). This makes them different from VCs and places them in a unique situation.
The focus of venture capital is on companies with rapid growth, whereas Trilicon Digital will concentrate on enhancing the profitability of companies that are already profitable. This includes all baby boomer-owned businesses for sale each year. Over 200,000 companies will be for sale. This provides Trilicon Digital with over 200,000 opportunities to make profitable transactions.
Jermaine Vanryck, the founder of Trilicon Digital, responded as follows when asked why he does not target high-growth startups:
“We do not only acquire companies but also create our own. We believe that the companies we create have high growth and high value, so there is no need to target other companies. In the end, this is a competition, and if we see a promising startup in an accelerator, such as the next Uber or Twitter, we believe that if we create a comparable company we will grow twice as fast with half the effort.”
And he added
“Trilicon Digital also provides a means for small and medium-sized businesses to acquire capital and expand their operations. Before us, the only way for these businesses to obtain the necessary funds was to obtain a loan. When a company is not making money and the founder decides to borrow money to become more profitable, this typically does not end well for the founder. Therefore, we created an alternative method we believe will work.”
Now, let’s compare DAOs and Venture Capital in greater detail.


A DAO is a decentralized independent association governed by its members instead of a central leadership commission, so it is the antithesis of a hierarchical organizational structure. Members contribute to the success of the DOA through an assortment of fiscal price structures.
While venture capital is an association that invests in a startup in exchange for a portion of ownership in the form of equity, they only invest in high-growth startups. During a crucial phase of a company’s growth, a VC firm can provide active support in critical areas such as legal, tax, and labor force matters. This is especially important in these areas.
“With Venture capital, founders will often lose control and fast!”

DOAs Vs Venture Capital

The disadvantages of equity backing in general can be exacerbated by venture capital backing. It could be compared to equity funding on steroids. With a substantial influx of capital and professional – and possibly aggressive – investors, your VC colleagues will likely want to participate. The size of their stake may determine how much influence they have over the company’s direction. Traditional venture capital has issues, as it is not inclusive, and decision-making is not centralized. Institutional investors view VC as a highly liquid asset class. Loss of control is one of the most significant drawbacks of venture capital, despite the fact that faster growth is a significant advantage.
DAOs are rapidly gaining a reputation as a genuinely effective alternative to Venture Capital firms. One of the benefits of DAOs over conventional venture capital is that they are more accessible to average investors willing to join the investment cooperative. While contributing to VCs is a more complicated process for investors (it’s generally edict investing and is frequently accompanied by a lengthy KYC (know your customer procedure), DAOs accept a diverse range of individuals regardless of their location or investment size. Members of the DAO also serve as ideal client development groups, as they diligently provide product feedback, bootstrap the liquidity of systems, and invest in marketing behemoths. The cherry on top is that all this can be done without the founder losing control of the company.

DAOs making Venture Capital Moves

Recently, DAOs have formed to acquire a U.S.-based, professionally accredited golf course.
Now, they’re planning to invest in cryptocurrency start-ups, a move that could dismantle the venture capital funding model that has financed waves of new technologies for generations. Additionally, the DAO Trilicon Digital has already begun creating startups and has acquired over ten businesses, plus 40 acres of land, and small portions in businesses ranging from liquor companies to sports teams.
DAOs may be the blockchain’s solution to the problems in venture capital investment. DAO protocols provide a mechanism for community investment, allowing systems to find funding without surrendering shares to a single large pot.
DAOs combine Web3 ethics and the seamless functionality of smart contracts for investors who believe a specific investment community can pool capital to form a fund. DAOs enable communities to accept fees, such as advancing rights, on a protocol while investing in a design, inception, or concept they support. Depending on their appetite, investors can contribute varying amounts to the DAO, and their governance rights are proportional to the size of their contribution.


DAOs still in Beta

Investment DAOs are still relatively new to the world, and their effects are still being ironed out, but their potential is incredibly provocative. Decentralized capital means that great ideas no longer rely on the wealthy but are chosen by the community. And with DAOs such as Syndicate removing the frightening aspects of the process, more people than ever can laboriously shape the future’s options.

Why DAOs

DAOs eliminate the need for a VC by allowing community members – those who recognize the implicit value in a design – to provide liquidity to the design and accept a proportional share of the plunder. This means that the commercial heavyweights will have less control and the community that sees value in a design beyond the bone figure will have more power.

DAOs Pitfalls

Investment DAOs are susceptible to the same pitfalls as cryptocurrencies, such as a lack of oversight, mismanagement of DAO funds, and the emergence of unproven technologies.

In the end, both VCs and DAOs are secure and reliable in their respective ways and for their respective groups of individuals. Their reliability and accountability can be measured on a similar scale. While VCs provide daily reports and sanctioned exposures, DAOs make data accessible on-chain. This indicates that both are relatively open about their conduct.

Why Trilicon Digital DAO

This is one of the numerous reasons why individuals select Trilicon Digital. This Investment DAO is the only one that solves all of these issues and is gaining a good reputation. The team is highly vocal and the rules are unambiguous. Not to mention the fact that their marketplace will enable users to do what they do via an IOS application that will enter beta testing in late winter. Trilicon Digital is the only possible alternative to Venture Capital.

End Statement

DAOs is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

What is a DAO

Trilicon Digital is an NFT marketplace for business equity. We consider ourselves to be the future of entrepreneurship. Our objective is to make company formation a greater community effort. We accomplish this by constructing decentralized companies on our blockchain and granting token holders access to the company’s intellectual property and other assets. Feel free to contact us for additional information, and also feel free to follow us on social media.


DAOs, What They Are and Why You Should Know About Them

As if the world of technology hasn’t evolved enough, DAOs are now here to fulfill people’s desire to organize with people across the world and create their own rules and decisions autonomously, all while staying anonymous – if they want to.

DAO is an abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Wikipedia defines them as “an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program. But controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government,” thus making it a potential-filled opportunity for those brave enough to capitalize on it.

One company that is new to arrive on the scene is called Trilicon Digital. What makes Trilicon Digital unique is that it is a startup that establishes DAOs to acquire and create corporations. It solves two problems that DAOs have. One, it is a company created in the USA requirements for corporations adding trust. Second, they add real-life value to NFTs. 

The current and future generation and some of today’s internet users eagerly await the opportunity to establish their social organizations, searching for a trusted environment to exchange things or valuable information. It is all made possible by the blockchain through its ability to make automated trusted transactions. However, people still wish to organize themselves more comfortable while being open to looking for people with similar mindsets to work with around the world.

We believe that Trilicon Digital will recreate the business world. When we create companies, they will all be decentralized and allow our community to leverage the IPs for a personal resource.” – Jermaine Vanryck ( CEO of Trilicon Digital )

Contemporarily, Bitcoin is generally seen as the first completely functional DAO because of its own programmed rules. It functions autonomously and is all done through a consensual protocol. However, the fact remains that other DAOs will not likely be as successful as Bitcoin, which is exemplified in May 2016 when the German startup slock. It launched a cleverly named DAO, “The DAO,” which aimed to support their decentralized iteration of Airbnb. However, it was a success that generated over $150 million worth of Ethereum. When inherent issues in its code arose, it experienced a hacker attack wherein hackers siphoned $50 million worth of Ethereum from the organization. At the same time, the fault was in the slock. Its code, not its concept as a DAO, the hacking caused trust issues towards using Ethereum coins and DAOs in general.

After a fluctuation of trust in DAOs, people’s interests were arisen in 2020 due to the sudden rise of Decentralized Finance. Since you are now more or less knowledgeable about what exactly DAOs are, it is also essential to understand the bigger side of things, such as the background and characteristics of it all, to truly grasp how DAOs are flipping the traditional forms of organization.


What Do DAOs Do Differently?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization records its transactions and rules on a blockchain, thus eliminating the requirement of an external party in a transaction, making it much more simple through smart contracts. Smart contracts embody the organization’s regulations and are also in the hold of the organization’s storage. Given that DAOs are completely transparent to the public. They are companies backed by legal statuses. Suppose people will immediately notice any rule change. This is the opposite of what we are used to as a society. A DAO won’t need to function perfectly fine because of its concept as a general partnership between and amongst people on the internet.

Perhaps the most obvious difference DAOs have from traditional companies is that it has a democratised organization. That gives all members of a DAO the obligation to vote for any changes, as opposed to traditional organizations wherein changes are made by single parties, depending on their structure. 

DAOs’ resources are almost all garnered through crowdfunding that issues tokens. This concept gives the community involved in DAOs an incentive to govern the organization. At the same time, more traditional companies mostly come from the higher-ups, such as the Board of Directors, investors, and executives. The transparency of DAOs to the world is also a glaring difference from traditional companies, whose operations are almost always confidential to the public, making them the only ones aware of what is happening inside.

Operational DAOs

Certain requisites or elements need to be fulfilled before a DAO is fully operational and capable. Such as Rules that will dictate operating funds, such as tokens that the organization can use to reward activities to their community and provide the right to vote for rules the community wishes to establish. It must also be a secure structure that allows early investors to configure the organization.

However, a potential problem arises from the voting system. If a security hole were suddenly spotted within the organization’s initial code, it would be impossible to correct it until most votes were cast. While the voting process takes place, the code is vulnerable to hackers because of the hole in its security.

How DAOs are Utilized Today?

Given that it is inherently a versatile tool for anyone, DAOs today are being utilized for various purposes such as investments, charities, fundraisers, and the purchase or borrowing of NFTs, all without intermediaries, unlike traditional organizations.

To simplify the concept of DAO, we can say a DAO can accept donations from virtually anyone across the globe, and its members can choose where to spend these donations.

DAOs can even make you an owner of a song through cryptocurrency, such as when Jenny DAO acquired its very first NFT, which happened to be an original song by the famous DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and 3Lau, thus making Jenny DAO a co-owner of the song. The Jenny DAO is a metaverse organization that gives people fractional ownership of NFTs, and it also gives them the ability to oversee any fiscal activity the NFTs go through.

Metaverse: Changing Everything We Know About Business

Unlike traditional organizations that mostly only follow orders and changes from the top, reiterate. DAOs aim for a collective organization owned and managed by all of the members within by allowing them to have a voice within the community and the right to vote for any changes that they see fit. The rise of DAOs is evident because the analysts acknowledge the emerging prominence of this type of organisation in the last few years, claiming that it can potentially replace some traditional organisations.

In the end

In the ever-changing and ever-evolving world of technology and the internet, it is only right for businesses, organisations, firms, and brands to stay aware of current trends that can impact the future of how consumers interact. Thus, the rise of DAOs is very relevant to the best interest of anyone who wants to embrace the future.

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Trilicon Digital acquires Vanryck Media

Since its inception in 2017, Vanryck Media has worked with a diverse range of businesses, assisting them in the development of their brands both online and in the real world. Among the brands Vanryck Media has worked on are Snounds, The Vixen Magazine, liquor companies, sports teams, music artists, and applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. This is a compelling argument in support of Trilicon Digital’s decision to acquire this company in the first place. The new ownership will enable Trilicon Digital to make significant investments in the branding of all of its subsidiaries, as well as in extending its market leadership position.


A press release from former CEO Jermaine Vanryck stated, “We have an amazing team at Vanryck Media, so it’s only right that we bring them along for the ride into the digital world.” Jermaine Vanryck has also said:

“Vanryck Media has proven to be a fantastic company in assisting many brands in their growth. The secret sauce that they have is something we can use for web3 and other meta projects. We will use these very same methods to help push and brand all of our intellectual property here at Trilicon Digital,”


In the End

What is it that makes Vanryck Media so important is the extensive network of long-term relationships it has built both internationally and domestically. Collaborating with businesses such as marketing agencies and sports teams will greatly assist Trilicon Digital in expanding its marketing capabilities for Blockchain technology and non-financial tokens.

To receive more information about Trilicon Digital and our most recent acquisition, please make sure to follow us on all social media platforms, or to request a more in-depth review, please contact us at the following address: [email protected]

Jermaine Vanryck , Matthew Sharp,
Jermaine Vanryck , Matthew Sharp,

Tech Experts Share 10 Things Businesses, And Consumers Need To Know About Web3

Web3. A term that is so covered in vagueness. Yet, people nowadays are often hearing terms experts have now dubbed the Web3, referring to the next wave of trends that will rule and restructure the internet. These terms include blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and, most recently, NFTs (nonfungible tokens) and what Trilicon Digital coined Digitial Business. 

In general terms, the main difference between the current version of the internet and the version that Web3 is referring to is the focus on decentralized, transparent operations. Many believe this shift in priorities will promote equal opportunities. Furthermore, optimists believe the newer version of the internet would give users more power over their data and allow both organizations and individuals to have direct, equal interactions.

While currently, Web2 is still the dominant structure, many tech professionals believe Web 3 is very much on its way to revolutionizing digital interactions and deals. In this article, 9 tech experts from the Forbes Technology Council and one being Trilicon CPO Jermaine Vanryck discuss what they believe Web3 is all about. Here are 10 points everyone needs to know about :

1. Blockchain Technology to Decentralize

Web3 is a limited yet powerful social movement aiming to use blockchain technology to democratize today’s internet technology and services.

The objective of today’s real-world blockchain applications is mostly to eliminate complicated third-party verification processes.

For instance, blockchain technology could be used to transparently verify trades of sensitive and complex securities like power plant shares or trades involving securities of executable software.

 – Steven Gustafson, Noonum, Inc.

2. Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain

NFTs and Bitcoin, Bitcoins and NFTs. Those are constant terms used to represent Web3. Yet, it must be understood that Web3 isn’t simply about nonfungible tokens and bitcoin. Blockchain, the technology that allows these assets to be traded, can also be utilized for commercial and industrial tasks.

When distributed blockchain transactions become more secure and affordable, the underlying technology will be able to power a wide range of transactions between trusted and untrusted parties, such as contract signature and execution, which will be revolutionary.

 – Venkat Rangan, Clari Inc.

3. It Will Become Mainstream Faster Than Today’s Internet Did

In the early 2000s, the internet was known as Web2. The commotion that was going on at the beginning of the millennium is going on now with Web3.

However, given the rate at which innovation occurs, Web3 will mature and become mainstream in less than two decades.

Don’t be terrified of what’s about to happen in the industry.

Learn it, accept it, and be ready.

Web3 will revolutionize the way we conduct business and hold us accountable for our activities.

. – Komal Goyal, 6e Technologies

4. Dependency On APIs 

Web3 is basically all about application programming interfaces if you think about it.

Blockchain is nothing more than an open, massive, and dynamic API on which new kinds of decentralized apps are developed.

We’ll see additional verticals develop, from healthcare to travel and beyond, in addition to today’s usage, such as crypto, NFTs, and decentralized finance.

Web3 is about to become far more reliant on APIs than the internet has ever been.

 – Augusto Marietti, Kong Inc.

5. Easier Barriers to Entry and Exit

Data will be controlled in a decentralized manner or in some situations, not controlled at all, removing entry and exit restrictions.

End users will be able to freely move their data from platform to platform as a result of this.

The rapid and iterative release of code that optimizes the end-user experience will rule the day in this new environment.

The greater transparency will make it easier to develop inclusive artificial intelligence systems that are bias-free.

 – Matthew Sharp, Logicworks

6. Unique Security Challenges And New Regulations

In many ways, Web3 is completely vague, untested, and ambiguous.

As a result, security flaws are almost unavoidable.

Before diving in, businesses should have a clear strategy and structure for securing their share of this exciting new world.

They should also anticipate legislative involvement on how this should be achieved and independently confirmed.

 – Jerich Beason, Epiq

7. Smart Contracts 

Nowadays, smart can be added to any word implying a newer version of it that is digitalized, and so is the case with contracts. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology will become increasingly common.

When certain criteria are met, these contracts will automatically execute.

This means that parties can get real-time service while avoiding the fees of traditional intermediaries.

In the financial services business, where practically every transaction is based on a contract, smart contracts will have a significant impact.

 – Kevin Philpott, Pie Insurance

8. Machines adapting to their Master Machine, Humans

Machines have always been this thing that did not understand humans. Web3 is bringing humanity to the software industry as a whole. Humans have had to adapt to software and devices up until now, but with Web3, systems will adapt to mankind. Every facet of an organization’s connection with its workforce, customers, partners, and suppliers will be impacted by Web3. Every process will be more trustworthy, collaborative, transparent, real-time, and accurate, thanks to Web3.- Madhava Venkatesh Raghavan, TrusTrace

9. T for Transparent

Be prepared for a world as transparent as it gets. Web3 is going to bring in a whole new era of transaction transparency. Businesses must remember that while their processes will improve, they must be prepared to operate in a “glass house.” This new era of operational openness is a fantastic opportunity for businesses all across the world.- David Astoria, Pranos

10. Blockchain Businesses aka Digital Companies 

The technology of Web3 will allow all corporations to be created in an entirely new way. Long gone will be the typical CEO with receives all the rewards from a company and will be replaced with DOAS ( communities ) of members that share revenue with the company and help push the company in the right direction. What is wrong with the old system is that innovation is throttled to make more money for these corporations, so what the end-users are left with is not more innovation but algorithms and advertisements at every glance.


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