Trilicon Digital acquires Vanryck Media

May 6, 2022
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Since its inception in 2017, Vanryck Media has worked with a diverse range of businesses, assisting them in the development of their brands both online and in the real world. Among the brands Vanryck Media has worked on are Snounds, The Vixen Magazine, liquor companies, sports teams, music artists, and applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. This is a compelling argument in support of Trilicon Digital’s decision to acquire this company in the first place. The new ownership will enable Trilicon Digital to make significant investments in the branding of all of its subsidiaries, as well as in extending its market leadership position.


A press release from former CEO Jermaine Vanryck stated, “We have an amazing team at Vanryck Media, so it’s only right that we bring them along for the ride into the digital world.” Jermaine Vanryck has also said:

“Vanryck Media has proven to be a fantastic company in assisting many brands in their growth. The secret sauce that they have is something we can use for web3 and other meta projects. We will use these very same methods to help push and brand all of our intellectual property here at Trilicon Digital,”


In the End

What is it that makes Vanryck Media so important is the extensive network of long-term relationships it has built both internationally and domestically. Collaborating with businesses such as marketing agencies and sports teams will greatly assist Trilicon Digital in expanding its marketing capabilities for Blockchain technology and non-financial tokens.

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